The forms I teach—Dao Yin yoga and Qigong—have an amazing way of cultivating the stillness of the mind, rejuvenation of the body and connection to the white light that fills your spirit.

The Benefits of Practicing Dao Yin Yoga and Qigong:

  • Increased energy level and longevity
  • Clearer and more focused mind
  • Feeling lighter and more joyous
  • Becoming stronger and empowered
  • More coordinated, centered, balanced and relaxed
  • Open and clear the Chinese energy meridians that carry oxygen, vital energy throughout your body
  • Health and healing forms that work on the mind, body and spirit

Here you can learn, practice and understand the philosophy of Chinese yoga, energy work, healing and spiritual development. The systems I teach are based in Chinese medicine and work on the internal and external self.

Dao Yin Yoga

Dao Yin Yoga is a Chinese form of yoga.

The beginning of this yoga form is dated at 1000 B.C. It is said that on top of a mountain in China the ChineseQigong Masters and India Kundalini Masters met and the Chinese established this new form of yoga.

Dao Yin is a small, lesser-known form of yoga that is based on Chinese medical theory (36 acupressure points) and the Yin theory of energy meaning soft.

The unobstructed free flow of energy through the body’s many meridians and pathways leads to an enhanced state of being and power.

The Dao literally means “the way” or “the path”. There are Three Jewels of the Dao: compassion, humility and moderation. The Daoists believe emphasis should be placed on health, non-action, freedom and longevity, immortality,

In Daoism, there is a delicate nature of balance that exists in the Universe. Energy is created, sustained, and transformed by three elements: heaven, earth, and man. The balance of this universal energy state is achieved through the harmony of earth, heaven, and man.

Everything consists of the same universal energy, chi, which can be manifested through breath. Constant clearing of the mind, body, and spirit through breath and posture can lead a man to a Daoist existence.


Qigong is a holistic therapy that utilizes the body, mind and spirit. The movement art develops vital energy to increase your health and longevity, raise your consciousness, create a tranquil state of being, to balance your energy and ward off disease.

It is truly an exercise form that allows you to achieve control over the body and mind through focusing on breathing, while engaging the body physically as it moves through the form. By practicing qigong you can learn how to connect, build, circulate and direct your energy.

Energy, chi, universal energy, life force is the breath. This chi moves through the body along pathways, which are meridians. It collects in the tan tiens to be used as energy reserve. Learning how to accumulate energy into an energy center, tan ti’en, will help build a person’s internal energy. Being able to activate, access, and transfer this chi from the tan ti’en to move it throughout the body is realized by gaining control of your breath.

In Chinese medicine blockages along these meridians are said to cause dis ease. Blockages can be thought of as places energy is trapped along the pathways due to physical, emotional or spiritual trauma, toxins or stress. Energy does not properly flow through these areas. These blockages can be removed using Qigong techniques.

Other benefits of practicing qigong can increase the body’s ability to defend itself against the environment and make the body’s entire constitution stronger. Chi can be harnessed to completely stimulate and awaken a person to develop new levels of physical and mental experiences, sensations, and knowledge. Qigong also unleashes brainpower!