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I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that practicing yoga has transformed my life. Very soon after beginning a regular practice, I began to notice some emotional shifts: my perception of my place in the world became more holistic, joyful, & pro-active. I stopped seeing myself as a victim of circumstance & began to see my own contributions to my problems. In short, for the first time I was able to be objective about myself. I learned to view my emotions as manageable, controllable; they were neither positive nor negative. They were simply a part of me. I became willing to really work toward positive change. I began taking better care of my body & my spirit. I was able to quit smoking after many years of trying to quit, but failing. I was able to confront many difficult experiences with the knowledge that what happens now will pass soon. Learning & moving forward through these experiences are the rewards of any painful experience. Knowing that there is no perfection in human experience has allowed me to forgive myself for failing from time to time. Having a compassionate teacher has given my practice an expansiveness that I could not have found alone. Cathleen Miller, Master Degree of Fine Arts

It has been more than 3 years since I started with yoga in general. Fortunately, Stephanie Churchill was one of my first instructors. Stephanie’s flow and style are unique, challenging and comforting. Her talk therapy, verbal instruction during class, is designed for holistic wellness. It works. My concentration is better, anger is restrained and expression is in check. The physical benefits of enhanced flexibility, strength and stamina are noticeable. Sleep is more restorative. Balancing the demands of my day-to-day stress is now viewed as a pleasant experience. Through yoga, Stephanie has taught me that conflict, if not confrontation, can be avoided by trying to find harmony .I am most grateful for the healthier me. Tom Holland

Stephanie’s yoga classes have made me more aware of my breathing & body/mind connection, while helping to improve my health, mind, & body strength & flexibility. Each class is rigorous enough to feel I’m accomplishing something physical; yet, she relaxes me & brings me to a new awareness. Stephanie provides guidance & great instruction in yoga practice. Her explanations of positioning & practice are easily understood & applied. Christina Ohmer. Practicing in Stephanie’s class for 1 yr.

I’ve been attending Stephanie’s yoga class at 12th Street Gym since November of 2003. I’d always wanted to attend, but wasn’t motivated to get up that early on a weekend. Then one Saturday I woke up early, had a cup of tea, and realized that I could make the class. Since then, I haven’t missed one class, unless I am out of town. The first thing is, yoga is definitely more strenuous than it appears. But the result is that the yoga class seems to energize me, both mentally and physically. I can definitely feel a difference. If nothing else, one is certainly more aware of their posture, which manifests both in the way you present yourself and the way you are perceived. There is a spiritual aspect to yoga that Stephanie handles in a very low-key, but positive, way. It is hard for me to describe this aspect of yoga, beyond a sense of harmony and relaxation it promotes. I’m sure this side of yoga is different for each person. Once nice weather rolled around, Stephanie took us out for yoga on the roof-deck. A very cool experience. The feel of the sun and the breeze on you while going through the various asana (postures) moves it to a different dimension. It heightens your connection to the universe. In summary, yoga class is better than a banana milkshake, and truly feels it is good for me and is making a difference in my life. Conley

Stephanie Churchill has been giving me private Yoga lessons twice a week since July 2007. I really like the sessions. I am not new to Yoga – for several years in Boca Raton, Florida I have had private and class Yoga sessions. I do this every winter. My instructor has a different technique but she is also good. I enjoy and have benefited greatly from my sessions with Stephanie. She has helped me become more flexible and stronger, helped my balance, I stand straighter, she has helped me learn to relax, meditate and helped me continue breathing deeply. For the first time, I am able to do the lotus position. She helped me get a meditation cushion that I like very much. I look forward to continuing with Stephanie when I return from Florida in the spring. She is an excellent Yoga teacher. Judith Auritt Klein

I am a middle-aged woman who has benefited greatly from Stephanie’s classes. Although I have always been fairly active, I never used my whole body & never thought about the importance of breathing properly. Stephanie’s classes are always challenging, never boring or repetitive. She is encouraging to those of us who need a little boost once in a while & most importantly she moves around the class to help people get in the proper posture for exercise. Having been the Director of Management Training & Development for over 20 yrs. I can say Stephanie has the ability to instruct, lead & encourage a wide variety of attendees! Beverly Menteverde

Hello Stephanie! I’m one of your children from the 12th Street Gym. Just wanted to say thank you for the incredible lessons. Although not one of the most gracious students, I always feel so invigorated and recharged after the classes. I’m always looking forward to your classes and wish you the best of luck with your biz. Thanks for everything! Gerard

I have taken Yoga classes for just three months with several instructors. Stephanie is my favorite because of her varied positions and postures during class. I’m never bored and always feel challenged. All the classes have helped to realign my body and improve my mind through Stephanie’s constant reminder to breathe. She interacts with the class helping us to feel the correct pose by gently repositioning us; all without being intrusive. I’m a yoga convert. Patsy Sauri

I am a wood craftsman whose work involves the use of power tools and vigorous hand techniques. My work is extremely physical and can be wearing on the body, especially so as I approach my fifties. I have been practicing yoga with Stephanie Churchill at the 12th Street Gym for over a year now. In fact, her yoga classes are the primary reason that I renewed my membership there. Within just a few months, I found that yoga practice with Stephanie has made me stronger; capable of working longer and being less physically exhausted at the end of the day. The summer months in my woodworking studio are especially busy and my body is often sore and stiff. Practicing yoga with Stephanie helps me to relax and release the tension stored in my body, as well increasing its strength and flexibility. John Warren

It was last year and I was blabbing to Stephanie about my tumultuous divorce negotiations, how I felt drained and depressed.Stephanie said to me, “I promise I’ll change your life by helping you practice yoga, breathing and meditation.” I am a detective and apprehensive and skeptical. Then one day my wife called me and said she would sign thee divorce papers she was withholding from me. We went to the attorney’s office and my wife signed the papers first. I sat there thinking to myself how this sucks. I had the pen in my hand pressed to the paper, about to sign the document and the phone rang. Stephanie called at that moment. I told her I was busy with nasty business and would call her back. My wife looked at me and told me to, “get off the phone and sign the deal.” I then laughed to myself and signed the paper.I called Stephanie and told her the story. She couldn’t believe her timing of calling at that exact moment of signing this monumental decree.So, I told her, “all right buddy, I’ll take a yoga session from you.” I have been taking sessions ever since then and I feel and behave a lot better! Stephanie promised to change my life for the better and she kept her promise. Stephanie made me a believer. Andy Djugninov

Deep Breaths

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I want to refresh my yoga practice with Deep Breaths that pull the energy to my toes so that I may breath from Heaven to  Earth & back again..

Filling Man with Eternal Energy that is Pure White Light ***   Breathe In, Breathe Out..

Benefits of Yoga are Immense!

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Yoga is a union between mind and body, breath and posture or breath and movement in a way that creates a form. It is a traditional physical and mental disciplines that originated in India.

Any way you look at it; the Benefits of Yoga are Immense!

The Physical Benefits:





Internal Health


Mental Benefits:

Mind-body Awareness

Inner Peace



Clarity of Mind


Spiritual Benefits:

Sacred Connection

Sacred Space

Sacred TIme

By practicing yoga on a regular basis, you may be astonished at what an Incredible Person You are and have the Confidence and Openness to Share Your True Self with Others. The Reciprocation can be Intoxicating!

Have you already begun?